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About RIEKER shoes, boots & sandals

No matter the season, Rieker has the perfect shoes - or boots! - for everyone and every style. Rieker is known for providing you with stylish footwear - that’s also comfortable; these are shoes that will always have a place in your wardrobe. And at Simons Shoes, we’ve got the best selection - of the best Rieker styles - in the area.

Rieker was originally founded in 1874 in Southern Germany. The company philosophy - to create not only a better product, but the best product - has never changed. Rieker’s “sister company” - Remonte - has become hugely popular in Canada, and more recently around the world - including in the United States… and at Simons! Today, Rieker and Remonte are available in more than 70 countries.

What we LOVE about RIEKER shoes


The unique and high quality construction of RIEKER shoes ensures a lightweight and comfortable fit. The design allows for ultimate flexibility and natural movement of the foot. RIEKER maintains the integrity of its special constructions, together with the flexibility to respond quickly to fashion trends.


All RIEKER shoes and boots are crafted using the Rieker signature antistress and antishock technology, which provide your feet with the essential support and luxurious comfort the brand is known for.


The expert designers at Rieker deliver both style and comfort in equal measure. Utilising high quality lightweight and elastic components, Rieker antistress shoes eliminate pressure points, absorb shocks and keep you walking with a spring in your step all day long.

What our customers are say about RIEKER shoes.


"These Rieker shoes feel like I am walking on sunshine and I have been in them all day. There is proper support for both my arch and heel. The weave style creates a secure, stylish, breathable fit. I received compliments immediately."


"I have three other pairs of Riekers, and I like them all. These shoes fit me right out of the box. They looked appropriate with dresses and with Capri's, so very versatile. I have a bunion on one foot and the cut of the shoe as well as the woven leather works without issue."


"I have multiple foot problems (pro-nation, bunions, flat feet, etc) and am so excited to find an awesomely comfortable shoe right out of the box ( with incredibly soft leather) that is also lightweight, and fashionable as well. Rieker has found a new customer!"

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What Makes Rieker Unique

Rieker has “a certain style,” but they also have enough variations that there is “a Rieker for everyone.” Of course comfort is a big part of that, and one area where Rieker will never compromise. All Rieker shoes and boots are made to be comfortable, stylish, and durable - for many years of wear. They only use the top quality leathers, with supportive insoles and treads that don’t sacrifice your foot health to look good! While the company offers plenty of timeless, classic styles, Rieker is also known for keeping an eye on current trends and offering a curated selection of styles for more fashion-forward fans of the brand. Rieker truly does offer a unique style for everyone!

Rieker's Craftmanship

Rieker and Remonte have designed shoes that are both stylish and comfortable by incorporating lightweight interiors, flexible outsoles with shock-absorbing qualities, and high quality leathers and trims. These features allow for all-day comfort while bringing extra style to any outfit. Rieker shoes and boots are roomier, lighter, and provide excellent “reflexibility.”  

What’s “reflexibility?” Reflexibility is what Rieker refers to as the “barefoot” feeling, which allows for the natural movement of your feet - not the “binding” feel that some stylish shoes seem to require. Shoes and boots from Rieker (and Remonte) are a bit roomier, which allows for extra space in places where your food expands through the day. These qualities - lightweight, reflexibility, roominess, and shock-absorption - make up the 4 components of Riekers’ Antistress philosophy, to ensure the most comfortable shoes. At Rieker, fashion meets quality – and all this at a great value.

Rieker shoes are made of genuine, high-quality leather, and come in many shapes and sizes - including sizes up to European 45. From casual sneakers and Mary Janes to more formal, dressy options (in both shoes and boots), Rieker truly has a shoe for every fit, everyone, and every occasion - whether you’re walking around town in sneakers, rocking a pair of pumps for Fashion Week, or line-dancing in your favorite boots - maybe even treading the snow! The attention to detail and durability of Rieker shoes makes for a great addition to any closet.