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Ever find your self running on low fuel mid-day?

We all experience an imbalance in lifestyle, which leaves us feeling too exhausted to live life to the fullest. This day in age, the economy has pushed us to work harder to earn enough.  However, we must ask ourselves, for what?  We must remember, work to live, not live to work.

Here are great ideas for maintaining a work-life balance:

1.  Create a hobbie list.  Check off the the weekly activities which you enjoy.
2. Get smarter about your email and phone system.  Divide what is work related from what is social related from what is bill related.
3. Stop wasting time at work... What does that mean?  SKIP THE GOSSIPING! Believe it or not, when you skip gossiping, you skip out on a bad habit, and save time to get home earlier. 
4. Decorate your office with pictures of "LIFE"... It's a great reminder of what you work for.
5. Create business hours.
6. Learn to say no.  Sometimes its good to put your foot down for the sake of keeping life organized and respecting a schedule.
7. Learn to respect your sleep schedule.  Without the right amount of rest you can't function 100 percent.
8.  Eat well!  Getting the right nutrients and meals into the day, not only makes you healthier, but is a great way to spend time with your loved ones.


Photo: Synnovatia