The athleisure trend is here to stay and there are so many ways to work it in your life, even if you’re a city dweller. Check out Simons’ athlesiure must-haves for walking through three of the
US’s most walkable cities.


Boston: Whether you’re cruising alongside the Charles river on the Esplanade, or admiring America’s first Public Garden, these floral low-tops from Ara will keep you comfy and stylish.Inside Ara’s Hermonie, a leather/ textile lining and leather sock-liner manage moisture atop the cushioned insole keeping you dry. Boston’s a casual city, but that doesn’t mean you have to forsake style.

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San Francisco: This city’s hills are no joke. The Seven Hills of San Francisco are iconic but not for the faint of heart (or for high heels!). Whether you’re shopping on Nob Hill or admiring the Bay from Twin Peaks; comfort is key. We love our new collection from Cloud, especially the Amazonas sneaker. Soft, buttery leather refines an everyday sneaker. Soft cushioning and a flexible sole make sure you climb those hills in comfort.

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New York: The self-proclaimed fashion capital of the US, NYC is also the country’s most walkable city. In a place filled with a myriad of characters and places, keep your shoes minimal, comfortable, and stylish. Our pick is Beautifeel’s Cella, a painterly-patterned, low profile sneaker with memory-foam cushioning that ensures breathable, shock-absorbing comfort all day long.

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