Each year Unicode Consortium evaluates submissions for new emojis, this year on the table- a sensible shoe, a blue ballet flat. 



Simons Shoe fans obviously know the importance of a comfortable yet feminine working shoe, but Florie Hutchinson is now lobbying to the board for this pictogram addition.  

The realization that there was a need for such a shoe came to Hutchinson in the wee hours while nursing her new baby girl. While texting her friend she typed the word "shoe" and the red stiletto emoji was auto-populated. In dismay, her and her friend realized that, while bold and beautiful, it's messaging it did not represent what they want always depict. As a feminist and a hard working mother of 3 daughters, she saw the need for an emoji that was simple, elegant and practical, one that represents the everyday woman.

There is 2666 emojis and 4 women's shoes, 3 of which have a heel and one a gender neutral running shoe. After some research, Hutchinson found that the public can submit emoji proposals to the Unicode Consortium. After positive feedback from Jennifer 8. Lee, a vice chair of the subcommittee, she got in touch with Aphee Messer a popular emoji designer. After deliberation, they came up with a universal flat simple in design to transcend all mobile carriers. A key component was to have the shoe at a 45 degree angle like the men's and running shoe to show motion. Hutchinson was given and array of colors (shown below) less pink, purple and red (she was not open to these due to their feminine associations.) 



Images: theatlantic.com (Aphee Messer)

The sensible shoe is one of 67 finalists. The subcommitte selected the royal blue version for the possible inclusion in the 2017 Emoji 6.0 update. The winners will be announced in November and shall be implemented in 2018. 

Emojis are a universal form of communication and a brilliant way to shown an emotion that may not be communicated as easily or as fun. To continue the growth of this language, it takes the creativity of designers and enthusiasts alike! If you have an idea for a new pictogram, don't be afraid to share is like this hard working mama!

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