It is a fashion must - we all need a pair of reliable pumps. How many of us have bought a pair of amazing pumps, but after a night out in them our feet feel non-functional? I assume most of us have had this experience one too many times. Simons comes to the rescue with their variety of comfortable, elegant, fashion forward heels that all share the common denominator of comfort.

1. Avoid Heels That Are Too Thin in Width.
You don't want your heels to break the first night you wear them. The law of physics will have you wobbling with thin thin heels... Sexy? We think not.
Ecco's Oshima Plateau Sandal - a thin heel that's still sturdy enough to keep you level.

2. Don't Go Too High With The Heels.
It is highly recommended stay under the 2.5" mark. Height is important, but your safety and comfort take priority.
Ecco's Sculptured 65 Peep Toe - a classic style at a comfortable height

3. If The Shoe Doesn't Fit, Don't Wear it.
No matter how nice and fashion forward they are, if you walk silly in them, then it's not worth it!

4. Make Sure Your Toes Have Enough Room.
To avoid blisters on your toes make sure those heels have a roomy toebox!
Camper's 21746 - this wedge won't pinch your toes

5. Opt For The Right Amount Of Arch Support.
Think of spending the night out at crowded place with no place to sit, or waiting in a long line for a movie ticket. Your arch support will provide comfort when you are standing for a lengthy period of time.
Clark's Evant Julie - a brand that is known for that great arch support

6. Be Confident That They Are Comfortable
.... Leading us to point # 7.

7. Test Run Them!
Well, don't sprint in them, but take a brisk walk in the heels. We all have to run to catch a taxi or bus, so test run your heels!

8. Do They Squeek?
Cheap heels can be very obnoxious... don't let a good deal cost you your dignity.

9. How Does Your Ankle Like Them?
Blisters on ankles are unforgiving!
Ecco Omak Perf Sandal - make sure those mary jane straps are comfortable!

10. And finally, Do You Feel Like You Can Strut Your Stuff?
Really, that's the best test and Simons' primary goal.

SHOWN: 1. The Classic ECCO 237003 SCULPTURED 65 PEEP TOE 2. The Natural Beauty ECCO KALAC 70MM 3. The Playful Pump ECCO 237023 SCULPTURED 65 SANDAL CROSS STRAP