Spring Cleaning Tips for 2022: Organizing Your Shoes and Handbags 

Though it may seem like February will never end, the first day of spring is only three weeks away. The days are getting slightly longer, and the temperature occasionally rises above forty degrees, reminding us of life without snow shovels, perpetually dry skin, and having to put on at least three layers just to walk the dog around the block. And as spring inches closer, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. 

Spring is a time of renewal, and there’s no better way to kickstart that feeling of rejuvenation than participating in some early spring cleaning and organizing your closet. Organizing your clothes, shoes, and accessories is a great way to free up space, especially if you don’t have a lot of room to work with, but this doesn’t mean that you have to part with your favorite items. If your closet is overflowing with shoes and/or handbags, it may be time to get creative with your organization techniques. 

To inspire your 2022 spring cleaning process, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to organize your shoes and handbags.

Garment Rack or Free-standing Closet

New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Image Source: New Africa/Shutterstock.com 

If your closet is filled to the brim, a garment rack or free-standing closet system may be a viable option, especially if you’re hesitant to get rid of any clothing or accessories (I mean, how are you supposed to declutter when everything in your wardrobe sparks joy?). Many garment racks come with attached shelves that are perfect for storing your shoes or handbags. You can also get hanging organizers for your shoes and purses to hang them neatly on the rack.

Hanging Organizers

Image Source: Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

If you have room in your closet or garment rack, hanging organizers are a go-to for neatly arranging shoes and handbags. Your handbags and shoes will still be visible and easily accessible without taking up too much space or creating clutter.

Over-the-door Hanging Organizers 

Image Source: littlenySTOCK/Shutterstock.com 

Organizing systems that attach to doors are a classic shoe storage technique, but they can also work for handbags. The shoe pockets on most over-the-door organizers are the perfect size to hold clutches or large wallets. You can also get over-the-door organizers that are designed for purses specifically.

Wall Hooks

Image Source: Artazum/Shutterstock.com 

Installing some coat hanger hooks on your walls is relatively easy and inexpensive. Wall hooks are perfect for hanging your handbags, especially the ones you frequently use (or the ones you just want to show off). Some people even hang their boots on wall hooks that are long enough, so this organization hack has the potential to be a two-birds-one-stone situation.

Under-the-bed Storage

Image Source: RacheeLynn/Shutterstock.com 

Image Source: The pose Studio/Shutterstock.com 

There are many ways to approach under-the-bed shoe and handbag storage. You can buy a clothing/shoe storage organizer bag that is designed to fit under beds, like the one pictured above (some of them even have wheels attached, so you can easily roll them out when you need to survey your shoe collection). Or, you can take a DIY approach and store your shoes and handbags in boxes or storage bins that you already have. Just make sure to put your handbags in dust cover bags to keep them clean and protected.

Storage Bench or Foot Stool

Image Source: exopixel/Shutterstock.com 

The invention of furniture with built-in storage compartments might just be the best thing that could have happened to those of us with too many shoes/accessories and too little space. Just pop some drawer dividers into a storage bench or ottoman to separate each bag or pair of shoes, and voila—you have a dedicated space for your extra purses and footwear.

Good, Old-fashioned Shoe Rack 

Image Source: New Africa/Shutterstock.com 

You can’t go wrong with a classic shoe rack. While this might not be a clever or creative organizational tip, it’s certainly a practical one. Using a shoe rack gives you a chance to spruce up your home with a new accent piece or delve into a relatively easy DIY building project. And while you could use the top of the shoe rack to display home decor items, you could also use it to show off some of your cutest handbags.


Now that you’ve gotten organized, you probably have plenty of extra room in your closet that you’re itching to fill, right? Well, we’ve got you covered: