A bit of wisdom we picked up while researching this post really caught our attention "If you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin.". While it's not the first time we've heard sentiments like this (and it's probably not yours either) it really makes sense in the summer when your skin is most porous and open to absorbing oil, sweat, lotions, and cosmetics.   
So we decided to scour the internet (read Pinterest) to collect the BEST recipes for 3 summer beauty essentials. Sunscreen, Beach Spray (for wavy 'just from the ocean hair), and great powder bronzer. 


Your #1 most important summer beauty essential is sunscreen. And there are some great drugstore and beauty brands out there. But all of them contain lots of chemicals we can't even pronounce. Keep it simple by making your own with this killer recipe from ScratchMommy.

Beach Spray

Looking to make waves (in your hair, we mean)? You can't go wrong with a great beach spray. Basically it's salt, water, and some essential oils. Why pay top dollar when you can make your own with things you keep in the kitchen? This is super simple guide from Sugar and Charm is no fail. 

Bronzing Powder

Sunscreen is important (like we mentioned) but who doesn't want a beautiful sunkissed glow in the summer? Add some home made bronzer to your summer make-up routine with this delicious recipe we found on Simplistically Living.