Funky – Got a nail-polish collection with everything ranging from neon green to pastel pink? Put those colors to good use with a rainbow look. Pick 5 to 10 different colors and paint each toenail a different color. For an extra fun touch buy some nail jewels to add a little bling to your rainbow (like the great inspiration pic courtesy of

Quick Tip: Make sure to pick either all matte or all pearlized polished to keep your colorful look pulled together instead of just “out there”.      

Classic – You can never go wrong with the classic French look. To get that perfect white line be sure to pick up a handy-dandy white polish pen. Paint two coats of sheer pink, let it dry, paint on your white line and voila, classic perfection.

Quick Tip: If you already have plain white polish use binder hole reinforcements or plain old scotch tape over your dry nails to help guide your white line. 

Chic – Looking for something classy and trendy that will make a great statement? Try a new silver chrome polish on all ten toes. Everybody from Essie to Sally Hansen has a chrome polish you can pick up and the look is high-fashion and high-impact.

Quick Tip: If the high shine of chrome isn’t for you a matte finish light gray polish is sleek for summer. 

Flirty – Nothing says “look at me” like bright red nails. And they’re great in the summer since you can show them off in all of your sandals!

Quick tip: Sometimes red nail polish can bleed into the cuticles and skin for a less-than-professional look. To avoid this put just a little bit of lotion at the edges of your nails as a barrier against the pigments that stain skin. 


Beachy – Go nautical! Don’t worry about having these exact colors in collection but a combination of blues and whites or metallic make this a lot of fun and a great beach style. A nail pen will help with this style too, but you can easily do without by using a clean orange stick or safety pin.

Quick tip: practice drawing your anchor on a piece of paper first, and be sure to draw it upsidedown since that’s how you are oriented to your toenails. After  a few times through you’ll be a pro!