At the store, we'll be ringing in the new year with great deals on all our store items.  We encourage you to come visit our store location at 282 Harvard St or online at

Aside from getting better deals on retail items, what's your New Year's resolution?

Here's a few motivating suggestions:

1.  Eat better:  This is on 99.9 percent of the populations' list.  Let's face it, eating better not only makes us look better, but a good diet will make us feel better, good enough to accomplish all our other important resolutions.

2.  Shop better:  It's amazing what a good shopping budget can accomplish.  In order to make sure you budget yourself well, shop for good quality material which will last you years.  Simons' Shoes offers great quality and timeless shoes and accessories that will last you years.  Buy the right things, and eventually the benefits will out-weigh the cost.

3.  Manage your financial budget:  Once you manage your financial budget, you'll get a better idea of how to manage your priorities,which in return, would provide a clear outlook on life.

4.  Learn:  Continue to feed your brain and imagination with knowledge, it is the gateway to living and moving forward.

5.  Travel:  Some say that the best form of education and experience is through traveling.

6.  Give:  the art of giving & charity brings happiness and love into this world. #NewYearsResolution