We at Simons love the holidays and Thanksgiving is particularly special to us. During this time of year, many of us find ourselves getting caught up in the bustle of the holidays. (And I'm sure you agree- who doesn't love a reason to buy shoes!?) But we are grateful to have a day that reminds us to reflect on our year. Let's all take this day to think about those who have been there to support and love us this year… Family and friends who've helped lift our spirits in times of need… And everyone around us who has helped celebrate both our achievements and theirs.

Things have been rough lately for many, but consider taking some time to think about the good things in your life, and positive changes you've made this year? All of us have had something happen this year that has enriched our lives; some of us have had defining moments that may have helped to lead us down our path to better things.

Whatever these things may be that you are thankful for, we challenge you to share that with the people closest to you. As a team here at Simons, we know what we’re thankful for - and that includes YOU- our customers! We also hope you know you're not just our customers, but neighbors and friends, and we’re grateful for your business and the relationships we have built with you.

Simons Shoes has been in business more than 100-years, thanks in large part to our wonderful customers; we couldn't do it without you! We hope to continue to serve you and bring you products that will promote a healthy, happy lifestyle for you and your family. 

Happy Thanksgiving!