Summer has made a big arrival in Boston and heat and humidity is the name of the game. Whether you're looking for a great swimming spot to visit during your summer staycation or someplace to make a quick stop in the afternoon, we've got a great list of local oases. 

Take a sick day and treat yourself to a day by this gorgeously lavish rooftop pool.Open to the public from 8am - 11pm Monday through Friday the atmosphere and the view can't be beat. Spend the day for $40 per person OR plan on a post work cocktail and night swim with no cover! Admission after 5pm is free but 21+
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Revere Beach is decidedly less glamorous than the Colonnade's pool, but it's boardwalk vibe and historic roots (it is America's first public beach after all) give you a true beach experience just a few T-stops away. Keep the commute simple by ditching the cooler, packing some cold bottled water in your tote, and buying a slice of Bill Ash's famous pizza or a legendary roast beef sandwich from the ORIGINAL Kelly's Roast Beef for lunch. 
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Just looking for a spot to cool off your tootsies on your lunch break? Popular spots like The Frog Pond Spray Pool & the Copley Square Fountain are often crowded and noisy. Take a relaxation break with a walk down the Christian Science Center mall to their beautiful (and cool) spray pool. Carry some shorts and flip flops in this beautiful tote to make the most of your midday reprieve!
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Have a whole staycation to enjoy? Pack up the bag and the kids and spend the day on gorgeous Spectacle Island. One of dozens of Boston Harbor's small islands, it's one of only a couple that offer swimming beaches. With stunning views of the city and a distinctly vacation-y feel, you will definitely feel like a true islander. Click here to see daily ferry schedules and rates. 
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More of a fresh water fish? Crystal Lake in Newton is the perfect spot. Bring a picnic, a frisbee, and a bunch of friends for a great day of swimming and games! 
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