Every year you are inevitably in need of a last minute gift. Either a new friend missed your list this year or you hear of an unexpected relative that will be attending dinner.

Regardless of who, we have a quick gift idea for each that you can't go wrong with. The best part of all- these can be found at your local grocery and superstores!


1. Candles

Who doesn't love a good candle? You cant go wrong with a seasonal scent like Cranberry, Apple Cinnamon or Balsam.

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2. Cold Weather Wear 

Scarves and gloves are an easy option this time of year with all the different colors and fabrics to choose from. If your not quite sure about a scarf, try a pair of warm fuzzy socks!



3. Alcohol 

Bottles of wine or whiskey, wine stoppers, wine markers, carafe/decanter or whiskey glasses. The list is endless! 



4. Poinsettias

These festive plants are great for a hosts gift! Want a trendier option? Look for a potted succulent.

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5. Lotions 

Here is a quick gift that you know will be put to good use! Look for an easy scent like Sweet Pea or Vanilla. This can be paired easily with socks or a candle for a gift set!

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6. Beard Oil

Have a man in your life that enjoys a little pampering? Beard oil or shave gel is a great idea for them!


7. Soaps

Luxurious bars of soap are perfect for someone you may not know very well. Useful, something small and smell lovely.



 8. DIY Spa 

Nail Polish, nail files, bath bombs and face masks can all be found at the local grocery store. You can quickly pick these up on your way to your festivities. 


9. Wallets & Card Holders

Men can always use a new wallet since they tend to use theirs till they fall apart. You can find mini card holders too for women on the go!


10. Belts

Here is another great idea for men that they will always use. But remember to purchase a size larger than their waist size as they run small!


11. Headphones

Here is a great gift for the teens in your life. These are extremely popular and come in several fun colors!

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12. Sport Teams Gear

If you know they are huge sports fans, they can never have enough memorabilia or clothing of their favorite team. 

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13. Movie & Popcorn

You can pick up the latest movie and a box of popcorn anywhere and this makes a great gift for the whole family!


14. Cookwear Gadgets

Combine a couple cooking utensils for newly weds or young adults in your life. You can never have to many of these in your kitchen. 

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15. BBQ Rubs and Supplies

Have someone who loves the outdoors and BBQing? Look for unique meat rubs or BBQ supplies that you could combine in a set.

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16. Olive Oil & A Box of Pasta

For the people who love to cook you can find a fancy olive oil and box of pasta to make a quick kitchen basket. Pair with their favorite bottle of wine or alcohol if you want a little extra!


17. Chocolate (or Mixed Nuts)

 When in doubt, a box of chocolate for someone with a sweet tooth. Or for a healthier alternative, mixed nuts. You could even combine these and find chocolate covered almonds!

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18. Personalized Picture Frame

This is perfect for parents and grandparents! Even someone who you spend a great deal of time with, but don't know what they would like. Opt for a frame with a picture of you and them or the family in it. 

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19. Deck of Cards

Here is another great gift for teens or a combined family gift. This is easy to find and will provide an entire night of entertainment! Not to mention, easy on the budget. Its a great add on for several of the other ideas above too. 

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20. Gift Cards

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a gift card! It can be as simple as a coffee card or maybe a gas card for the teens in your life. You could even combine with the wallet and fill with multiple mini cards ($5 and below).

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Happy Shopping!