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At Simons Shoes, our team takes a vast amount of pride in providing women’s shoes that are the epitome of fashion and comfort, all for absolutely fantastic prices. Regardless of whether she travels for business, leisure, sightseeing, or simply for the journey, the modern woman is a traveling woman.

Whether you’re flying to Paris for the first time ever, traveling to Berlin for business opportunities, or exploring Manhattan for the fifth time this year, you will need complete outfits that make a fashion statement and stay comfortable throughout your travels. You definitely don’t want the things you wear to keep you from completing a portion of your itinerary!

Perhaps the most crucial part of an outfit for the traveling woman is the shoes she wears. Comfortable, stylish shoes will keep you on your feet and fill you with confidence so that you can continue to experience the novelty of new cultures and the beauty of historic landmarks. Comfort is absolutely essential when shopping for travel footwear.

When you experience the thrill of seeing a city or country for the first time, you should wear shoes that ease the pressure on your feet, keep you from getting blisters, and most importantly, look great. You’ll also want to wear shoes and accessories that are versatile enough to be fantastic choices for the museum, a gala, a night on the town, or wherever your journey leads!

At Simons Shoes, we have just the shoes you need. Scroll this page to discover some of our favorite shoe brands and accessories for traveling the world.

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Check out each of our favorite shoe brands for the traveling woman below. We offer beautiful options for a wide range of travelers — the modern businesswoman, the travel addict, and those simply seeking new experiences.


When it comes to walking and standing for hours at a time, Dansko is the shoe of choice for many women. The famous clogs from Dansko are especially popular among professionals who spend entire days on their feet. Dansko crafts shoes with the wearer in mind. They are designed to be supportive, feel comfortable, and match many styles.

While clogs made Dansko famous, they also make casual shoes, dress shoes, boots, and even sandals. No matter the occasion, there are Dansko shoes that will make you feel comfortable and confident. The classic Dansko clogs are some of the best shoes for spending an entire day touring a museum or walking around a city, while their heels and wedges make fantastic choices for special events.

Better yet, Dansko is a 100% employee-owned company, which means each pair of their shoes is crafted with pride. They are committed to going the extra mile when they create shoes so that you can easily go the extra mile in your travels.

Shop for Dansko shoes on Simons Shoes today, and experience how comfortable these shoes can be. When you wear Dansko shoes, walking around and seeing all the sights in Rome, Amsterdam, or Vienna will feel easy.


Every experienced traveler understands that beauty and comfort go hand-in-hand. Naot has been dedicated to that notion since their company began, and their shoes imbue both comfort and style. Naot rose to popularity due to their sandals, but now they offer a wide variety of fashionable shoes and boots. At Simons Shoes, we are absolutely thrilled to be the largest seller of Naot shoes in the United States.

Made with natural cork and latex, the Naot footbeds are the key to their popularity. They will hold your toes in their natural position, support your arches so your body weight is distributed evenly, and decrease the pressure on your back and legs. The word Naot means oasis, and these footbeds are designed to be an oasis for your feet.

Do you want to spend a whole day touring the historical parts of Moscow? How about a day or two checking out the modern sights and sounds of Tokyo? Do you want shoes that will look great and keep your feet happy and healthy? If so, then Naot is the brand for you.

Shop for Naot shoes on our site today! No matter the size or style, the team at Simons Shoes can help you find the right pair of Naots for your needs.


The Wolky motto is “Shoes designed for walking.” In fact, the name Wolky comes from the Dutch word for “cloud” and this family-run company makes each of their shoes in a way that ensures the wearer feel like they are walking on clouds.

Wolky footwear has footbeds that use materials such as memory foam and natural, contoured cork. Their footwear is designed to spread your weight, absorb the shock of steps, and keep you feeling fantastic after a whole day of touring historical sights.

Like Naot, Wolky started by making sandals. In that time, they perfected their footbeds and gained the ability to create comfortable clogs, heels, shoes, boots, and more, for both men and women. Shop for Wolky shoes on our site today and get stylish, comfortable footwear great for a journey across the world.


As a traveler, your feet will take you where you wish to go. When you travel, you should repay your feet by choosing comfortable shoes. If you love your feet, you should consider purchasing footwear from L’Amour Des Pieds.

Shoes from L’Amour Des Pieds are practically made for travel. In fact, an article from New York Magazine called L’Amour Des Pieds the “perfect travel shoes.” The name of this company literally means “The love of feet” in French, and they live up to that name with the footwear they create. Browse L’Amour Des Pieds footwear on Simons Shoes and see what all the hype is about.


Do you want to buy shoes from a company that loves the world as much as you do? If so, then Earth is the right shoe brand for you. Earth creates wonderful shoes while remaining committed to a larger mission. For every pair of Earth shoes sold, the company plants a tree. That means you get the chance to wear comfortable shoes that will make your feet look awesome while also adding to the beauty of the world.

The team at Earth believes that wellness and healthy living start from the ground up. That belief makes these shoes a great choice for traveling the world. Give your feet the support they need for you to explore all that our amazing planet has to offer. Earth shoes are perfect for long river walks, touring national parks, and for infusing urban areas with natural style and comfort.

Traveling is all about authentic experiences, and Earth offers shoes that allow you to adhere to your personal ideals. Don’t sacrifice style, comfort, or caring for the environment when you buy shoes for traveling the world — buy footwear from Earth. At Simons Shoes, we offer a wide selection of Earth footwear so you can be sure to get the right pair for you.


Next time you visit a Mediterranean city or landmark, wear footwear from Pikolinos. Each pair of Pikolinos is infused with the spirit of the Mediterranean, making it an excellent shoe for seeing the wonders of the world.

Pikolinos are more than just shoes. They are a lifestyle and a way of experiencing all that is out there. Pikolinos footwear is made from hand-sewn leather that is soft, durable, and natural. This company is continually at the forefront of fashion, and their shoes are extremely comfortable to boot.

Like Earth, Pikolinos is also committed to making the world a better place. They run a foundation that aids a wide range of social projects, and their shoes are crafted with environmental effects in mind. Their footwear is perfect for those in search of a combination of style, comfort, and a company that cares. Shop for Pikolinos shoes on Simons Shoes, and order shoes that will make your travels more enjoyable.


When you travel, you will spend time walking through airports, hotels, museums, public quads, and down side streets. All of those journeys act as key pieces of your larger journey, and you will want to be wearing footwear that is comfortable through it all. Footwear from Arcopedico is uniquely suited to fit all of these journeys.

Arcopedico specializes in creating footwear that has the durability of shoes and the comfort of socks. As a result, their footwear is often branded as “shocks,” and they are the original knit shoes. Knit fabric gives your foot the freedom to move where it naturally wants to go, which ensures that Arcopedico footwear molds to the shape of your foot.

Get a pair of Arcopedico shoes from Simons Shoes today, and confidently bring the comfort of shocks to your next adventure.


Any woman with an active lifestyle understands that travel can’t get in the way of running, hiking, and staying healthy. For that reason, Simons Shoes also sells footwear from On Running. The lightweight running shoes from On are thoughtfully engineered to reach the epitome of performance and company.

The team at On wanted their shoes to revolutionize running, and they ended up creating shoes that are excellent for running, hiking, and exploring. If you are looking for shoes made for adventure, then you can stop your search with On Running.

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At Simons Shoes, we understand that, just like the shoes on your foot, the accessories you carry also play a crucial role in ensuring that you travel comfortably. Check out our favorite travel accessories below. When you buy from these brands, you will travel in both comfort and style.


When it comes to travel bags, women need something that is both fashionable and functional. Baggallini is a company founded by two flight attendants who spent years traveling the world. They started Baggallini to create a functional bag for traveling women, and the result is simply fantastic.

Baggallini bags are lightweight, durable, secure, easy to keep organized, and they can be hands-free. Better yet, Baggallini bags are made with a lasting style, so you can rest assured that these bags will be great regardless of the setting or event. Get yours from Simons Shoes today!


Hobo is another company that makes excellent accessories for travel. At Hobo, functionality and form are both held in high regard, and each bag they craft comes from full-grain, hand-selected leathers. Hobo’s commitment to quality runs deep, and they only make as many bags as they can craft well. If you are looking for a functional leather bag that will mold to your personal style and hold up over time, then you should buy a bag from Hobo. Shop today!