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The idea that “it’s fashionable to walk in comfort” has made Naot shoes an international success story. The small shoe factory that made simple work shoes and sandals is now Israel’s leading manufacturer and exporter of shoes.  Naot shoes and sandals are finished by hand, incorporating the company's unique footbeds – many of which are removable. The footbeds are made of natural cork and latex and are covered in a pampering layer of suede. The uppers are made of high quality Italian leathers. Naot has gained a loyal customer following, which each year enjoys a new and exciting collection of comfortable shoes, clogs, sandals and boots. It is no wonder Naot means oasis!

The history of NAOT

In 1942, members of a small farming community in Israel’s Hula Valley began to make shoes. They worked in a small, one-room workshop and started out by making work boots and sandals. The community they lived in and crafted shoes for was a kibbutz called Neot Mordechai. A kibbutz (which means “gathering” or “clustering” in Hebrew) is a type of Israeli community centered around agricultural and industrial production. Naot Footwear has its roots in that small workshop in Neot Mordechai.

A kibbutz is a close-knit community, much like a family. When the original Naot shoes were handcrafted in the Neot Mordechai workshop, they were made with care. At Naot, they continue to treat their employees like family while making shoes designed to be comfortable, fashionable, and long-lasting. Since Naot began in 1942, each pair of shoes they have made has been a product of collaboration, perfectly molded through the combined efforts of individuals from various backgrounds, working toward the single purpose of crafting comfortable footwear.

A Commitment to Comfort and Beauty

Naot began with a commitment to the notion that beauty and comfort go hand-in-hand. The original workers realized that in order to look great in your shoes, they must first fit your feet comfortably. This led Naot to create a sole that conforms to your feet and gets more comfortable every time you wear them, unlike the soles of other shoes, which simply deteriorate over time. There is no way that the workers who began making shoes at Neot Mordechai in 1942 could have realized that their commitment to comfort would lead to Naot becoming a worldwide name in the shoe industry.

After the initial start of Naot, the company quickly began to specialize in sandals. They gained their fame by making comfortable sandals out of high-quality materials, which is a tradition carried on to this day. During the 1980s, Naot began to broaden their horizons past sandals and make other forms of footwear.

Naot brought the commitment to comfort and style that made their sandals unique to shoes, boots, clogs, and even heels! Through excellent designs and handcrafted care put into every creation, Naot has found a way to make shoes that feel comfortable without compromising fashion trends. This is one of the main reasons the team at Simons Shoes loves footwear from Naot, and we are proud to give you a way to try Naot for yourself.

The overarching goal of the Naot company is to craft comfortable and fashionable shoes for everyone. In fact, “Naot” is even the Hebrew word for “oasis.” Footwear from Naot is made to be an oasis for your feet. Whether you are a woman, a man, or a child, Naot has footwear designed to keep your feet comfortable no matter the occasion. Get yours by browsing the selection of Naot sandals, heels, and shoes from Simons Shoes.

What Makes Naot Different?

Simply put, unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship and comfortable shoes makes Naot different from other brands. Many shoes sold throughout the U.S. are fashionable, but many of them are not comfortable. Footwear from Naot is comfortable, durable, and stylish.

The soles of Naot shoes are designed to give you comfort. Each sole is made from natural cork and latex, which gives them a unique design. The natural cork allows the soles to be flexible, lightweight, durable, and shock-absorbing. They are then lined with suede to provide an elegant finishing touch.

As previously mentioned, Naot designed their soles to replicate the shape of a foot. To that end, they added hallux support on the soles, which creates a natural hold on the big toe. The hallux support keeps the foot from slipping forward while also improving the hold of the shoe. Naot soles are designed to have an elevated center, which is intended to relax the joints in the central part of the foot, allowing them to release pressure. Similarly, the arch support distributes the weight of the body and diminishes the pressure from joints and the spine. Finally, the sole has a deep heel indentation, which is made to protect the heel bone and conform to the natural shape of the heel pad. Together, all of these thoughtful designs lead to soles that keep feet happy and healthy, even if you stand on them all day.

Just as Naot soles are designed to put less stress on your body, the upper parts of the shoes are made to allow movement, making the shoes provide comfort from the top to the bottom of the sole. Moreover, only materials of the highest quality are used to make Naot shoes. Whether the materials are Italian leathers, natural cork, or suede, only the finest are selected to be made into Naot shoes.

Any company can make fashionable shoes, but the combination of fashion, comfort, and craftsmanship that goes into footwear from Naot makes them unique. Better yet, Naot is a company that treats their workers like family while maintaining a strong commitment to their customers, which means that Naot will continue to make unparalleled sandals, shoes, and heels well into the future. You can browse Naot shoes for sale on the Simons Shoes site now. Order yours today to experience the difference a commitment to comfort and fashion can make.

What we LOVE about NAOT shoes

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Naot has uniquely engineered insoles that are a blend of natural latex and cork designed to replicate the shape of the foot, just like the footprint we leave when walking on the sand. It is flexible, soft, and shock absorbent. The sole supports the heel, alleviates fatigue, and reduces pain.

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Each pair of Naot shoes are finished by hand. The footbeds are made of natural cork and latex and covered in a pampering layer of suede. The uppers are made of high-quality Italian leathers and stitched to perfection.

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Naot brings a comfortable twist to classic styles. From sandals to clogs to boots, the Naot footbed molds itself to your foot and adjusts accordingly, providing years of comfortable support.



joining the naot family

By the time a pair of Naot shoes, boots, or sandals is sold, it has been touched by the hands of at least 50 workers. Each of these workers has a unique cultural and religious background. Perhaps one worker is Jewish, while the next is Muslim, and the next is Christian. Some are Israeli citizens, while others are Palestinian. Despite these differing backgrounds, each worker comes together as a part of the Naot family to make elegant and comfortable footwear.

Since Naot began in a small workshop of a kibbutz, it has its roots in being a tight-knit company. Although Naot has grown into a worldwide brand since their start in 1942, they have successfully maintained the close ties of their workers. Naot workers proudly craft shoes together, eat together, and enjoy the time they spend with one another. The melting pot of cultural and religious backgrounds does not keep Naot workers from adhering together in a familial way.

Naot shoes are shoes of peace. They began by fostering and maintaining peaceful relationships in their community, and then started to do so on a broader scale as they became a more well-known brand. In fact, Naot consistently gives back to communities across the globe by giving their shoes to people in need. They believe that new, comfortable footwear can make a substantial difference in the lives of the less fortunate, and they act on that belief by continually welcoming people into the Naot family.

Naot is a company that has taken their dreams of peace as well as their commitment to comfortable shoes, and incorporated them into their company at every level. Unlike many global shoe companies, Naot pays their workers living wages. This simple act helps the familial aspects of the company thrive.

Naot uses sustainable materials and practices when handcrafting their footwear. Whether you buy Naot women’s sandals, men’s shoes, or the next line of heels, you can rest assured that your footwear was made with morally-sound practices. Through their actions, Naot has shown that they are a company that cares for their workers, their customers, and the planet.

Perhaps you work a job which requires you to be on your feet all day, or maybe you sit at a desk for long hours. Maybe you need fashionable shoes to wear to a charitable dinner, or you want something comfortable to wear to a night out with friends. Regardless of the situation, Naot has fashionable shoes for the occasion, and they will prove to be the epitome of comfort. Better yet, the shoes from Naot are made with quality materials, a sense of familial pride, and high ethical standards. Order Naot footwear from Simons Shoes today to become part of the Naot family.

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Naot doesn’t just make fashionable shoes for women! Shop for comfortableNaot men’s shoe styleson the Simons Shoes site and feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our products. We are happy to help you find your next pair of Naot shoes or sandals.