About A.S.98 Boots

If you’re looking for innovation in your footwear, AS98 is your brand. With shoes for every season, AS98 will keep you standing out and standing comfortably all day. Here at Simon’s shoes, we offer a range of AS 98 sandals, boots, and shoes so that you can look stylish for any event.

Started in 1972, the company Olip S.p.A, mother to AS98, was founded in a small town in northern Italy known as Colà di Lazise, where the company is still located today. The owner and founder, Piero Oliosi, had a dream to innovate the shoe industry with artistry and craftsmanship. He was influenced and inspired by various cultures around the world, wanting to insert those traditions into the artform known as shoemaking. Oliosi was and still is always looking to keep ahead of trends, making AS98 a fresh and original brand. If you like AS98 boots and sandals, you may also like its sister brand, MJUS. Each bring something unique to the table while maintaining the same immense level of craftsmanship and quality. Today, Oliosi’s children Camilla and Cristian work alongside him to keep the tradition of shoe-making alive and continue the artistry of the brand that is AS98.

What we LOVE about A.S.98 


A.S. 98 employs artists, designers, creators, and craftsmen. Unique personalities creating unique fashion. Their inspiration comes to life in designs that are more than shoes; they are wearable works of art.

HANDCRAFTED Quality Materials

A.S.98 uses only the finest leathers that are tanned and treated by hand which make each piece unique. Flexible metal, rivets, eyelets, studs chain, and zippers are a fraction of the details that add edge to the organic materials, and the marriage of these elements is the essence of the brand's fearless style.

EXPERT Craftsmanship

A.S.98 shoes are constructed by hand with unparalleled skill in a family run factory. From the elaborate needle work and leather weaving, to hand burnishing. These elements make A.S.98 easily distinguishable and loved by those who demand quality, craft, and uncompromised style.

What our customers are say about A.S.98 shoes.

McKenzie S.

"Comfortable and incredibly cool! I get stopped in the street by people asking where I got my AS98 boots. They are worth every penny."

Lisa G.

"Quality material, comfortable footbed & soft leather, unique, unusual mega details with rich color. Initially hesitated due to European tricky sizing. Fortunately, the AS98 boots can easily be custom fit with lacing and snap under the outer leather flap. Very happy & impressed.

Alexis H.

"Can't say enough about AS 98's style...they get the authentic look I'm drawn to. Everything functions, easy to slip on - I love them with leggings and skirts, but jeans are the bomb. For me, worth the price.

What Makes A.S. 98 Shoes and Boots Unique?

AS98 places an immense focus on the quality and craftsmanship of the leathers used in their shoes. AS98 strives to keep tradition and artistry alive while also using modern technological advances to achieve the highest level of quality. AS98 strives for perfection in every step of the production process, from the designing of the shoe to the purchase of raw materials to the end product and everything in between. AS98 is always making sure to be ahead of the trend, constantly putting out unique and cutting-edge designs. Their combination of originality and quality is what defines AS98 as a standout brand, and is what sparks our love for AS98 here at Simons Shoes.

AS98's FIne Craftmanship

The primary focus of AS98 is not only their creativity and originality, but also their craftsmanship and artistry. AS98 places an importance on having the most high-quality leathers to be used in creating their shoes. All purchasing is centered at the headquarters in Italy, where the company can ensure the best purchase of raw material. AS98 doesn’t mind slowing their process down as long as it means having a high quality shoe in the end; they never take shortcuts in their work. When the brand receives the leather, it is sent to highly skilled artisans who have the utmost knowledge of their work. AS98 considers every one of their shoemakers to be an artist, as they know what it takes to make a high quality and cutting-edge shoe. Because no two pieces of leather are exactly the same, each pair of shoes is highly unique. The handcrafted finish adds to the feeling of uniqueness and makes every pair truly a piece of art. At Simons Shoes, we value individualism and expression and AS98 shoes and boots are a perfect embodiment of those qualities.