It’s not easy to admit when you have a problem. In the long march of life, all of us turn to vices to make things a bit easier. If you found your way onto this page, you are probably a shoeaholic. In the midst of a full blown craving, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can, at the very least, take some solace in the fact that you are not alone and ultimately powerless to quality footwear. Here are four warning signs that you may be a functioning shoeaholic.

1. Intense Shoe Cravings

Does the look, feel, and scent of brand new leather uppers get you all hot and bothered? It’s ok, us too. Shoes are literally the greatest invention in human history, so it’s normal to have these cravings. If you’ve ever swapped out your morning coffee with a whiff of brand new Rieker insoles, you’ve come to the right place.

2. Your Life Revolves Around Getting More Shoes

Is your browser history filled to the brim with enough high tops to kill a cobbler? This is all too common with shoeaholics. We spend countless hours hunting down the hottest styles, colors, and deals to fill our soles that we forgo our everyday responsibilities. Your addiction is likely getting out of hand if you find yourself skipping work and pawning a family heirloom for some dank Mary Janes.

3. You Hide or Downplay Your Shoe Collection

When guests visit your home, do you go to incredible lengths to hide your shoes? Do they even know about your storage unit off the interstate? When in the throes of shoe addiction, it’s normal to try and conceal your habit in order to blend into society. Pro tip: many shoeaholics wear the same pair of Naot sandals for more than a day in order to throw others off the scent.

4. You’ve Begun to do Things you Never Thought You’d Do in Order to Buy Shoes

Do you ever sit outside storefronts late at night just wishing you had five more minutes alone with that L’Amour Des Pieds high heel? Are you the kind of person who goes stag to shoe conventions with a trench coat “just to chat”? As shoeaholics we begin to do things for shoes that would have never crossed our minds before hearing their sweet siren song. Instead of missing your daughter’s birthday again, try buying them online.

If you believe you or a loved one may be a shoeaholic, help is out there. Call 617-277-8980 for more info.