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Summer-getaways are exciting, but when it comes to packing, it can be another story.

The key to an amazing travel venture-  travel light, practical & stylish.  Here are 5 practical packing tips for your next getaway:
1. Travel-size beauty products are easy to travel with and  not to mention, TSA-regulation friendly. On that note, make sure to store the right essentials in your carry-on:  hand cream, sanitizer, body spray, and that red lipstick!
2.  Ipad covers are multi-functional:  for your iPad, journey notes, custom form(s) & passport. 
3. Bring a pair of shoes for every occasion, but make sure they fit in your carry-on and are easy enough to mix & match.
4. Black maxi goes with everything,  from beach-wear  to a night out in the town.
5. Cost-friendly accessories and wrap-around help turn day-wear into evening-wear.... And  if you lose them along the way, it won't ruin your trip.  Genius!