20 Reasons to Celebrate Summer at Simons Shoes

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20 Reasons to Celebrate Summer at Simons Shoes

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Time Magazine recently released an issue which offered readers “240 Reasons to Celebrate America Right Now”; profiling everything from National Parks, restaurants, books, even individual Americans doing great things.  Well, we think that’s brilliant.  So brilliant, in fact, that we’re going to do our own version.  So without further ado, may we present:MON DAY• CHOCO LATTE

The Simons Crew LOVES summer. Coolidge Corner becomes this thriving sunny place and we get to experience all these wonderful things that we take for granted in the winter. Things like:

IMG_0851#1 Wearing sandals: Ahhhh! There’s nothing better than freeing yourself from the confines of those winter boots and letting those piggies breathe.  One of our newest sales associates, Lauren, fell in love with the Matty by Dansko early  in the summer, so much so that she decided to get them in both the tan and the black.  The Matty-shaped tan lines let you know that they’re working.


Speaking of showing off your feet, our #2 reason to celebrate summer at Simons is our much-loved Pick Your Polish Promotion, where you receive a free bottle of Essie nail polish when you purchase any full priced sandal.  FullSizeRender


Special mention goes to the sales girls who spend their rare moments of respite testing out each and every color.


Our #3 reason to celebrate summer at Simons is our Naot Gives Back event. A few weeks ago we paired up with one of our favorite brands, Naot, to donate 100 pairs of new shoes to Rosie’s Place –the first women’s shelter founded in the United States. Rosie’s Place assists with getting women “back on their feet” (how perfect is that?). To kick-off summer, we held a two-day event to help donate new shoes to women in need through a “Try One Give One – Buy One Give Two” promotion. (Simons and NAOT donated one pair of shoes to Rosie’s Place each time shoppers tried on NAOT shoes or sandals, and two pairs for every purchase.)

Here’s Kelley, Natalia, and Missy preparing and delivering the shoes to Rosie’s Place.IMG_0729


As you can see, we love interacting with the community, which brings us to our next few reasons to celebrate summer:

#4 The Brookline Farmers Market: Situated about 100 feet behind our the store, every Thursday  is the Brookline farmers market. Our sales associates love slipping out back at lunch to grab something yummy and fresh for dinner.PeetsCoffee_Cucurullo

#5 I don’t think we can name one Simons employee who doesn’t love running across Harvard Street to Peets for a cold brew coffee.  Whether you’re shopping or selling, a nice iced coffee on a warm summer day makes everything that much better.





Speaking of treats, the #6 reason to celebrate summer at Simons is Charlee Bear dog treats. With the warm weather, we’ve been seeing an influx of dogs visiting the store.  Our furry customers like Ivan and Archie know to head right to the register to receive their favorite treats at Simons.


Customers come in all shapes and sizes (literally), but one thing that everyone in Brookline always seems to be looking for is our #7 reason to celebrate summer at Simons: WALKING.


The Simons sales associates spend up to 9 hours a day just walking around Simons and many of us also walk to and from work every day, especially when the weather is as awe-inspiringly perfect as it has been this summer.  So when a customer insists they need a good walking shoe because they’re going to be doing a lot of walking,well they literally couldn’t be in better hands.

There’s nothing better than finding that perfect shoe that you can wear all day and everyday, non-stop. The shoes below have been some of the most popular walking shoes and sandals this season and are still available!




Clockwise from top left: Mayari from Birkenstock $95, Rio from Wolky $159, Arataki from Naot $175, and the LS from Arcopedico $105


One of the biggest and #8 reason we’re all celebrating summer at Simons is the fact that we were voted THE BEST SHOE STORE IN BOSTON by WGBH’s Boston A List.

Look, we’re official!

You voted and we beat The Tannery! Simons is officially the Best Shoe Store in Boston thanks to you and we couldn’t be more honored and thrilled!


We love celebrating our fellow Coolidge corner businesses, especially Leafboutique, where the sundresses are reason #9 to celebrate summer.  They’re cool, flowy, and just the right thing on those summer days when the thermometer tips over 90 degrees. Dress it up with some Fly Londons or dress it down with a pair of Birks.


Gotta give a shout-out to our neighbors at The Coolidge Corner Theater, our #10 reason to celebrate summer. Here at Simons, we love to cool down at the Coolidge after closing.

FYI: The Lobster 👎 👎Swiss Army Man 👍👍

garden-visor-headshotAnything you can do to beat the sun and the heat is a reason to celebrate summer.  Sunday Afternoon is one of our most popular hat brands and reason #11 to celebrate summer at Simons.  Each style has a UPF of 50+ and they’re all crush proof making them the perfect vacation accessory.


And speaking of vacation, that’s reason #12 to celebrate summer!

The Simons crew has logged a LOT of frequent flyer miles already this summer. Kelley visited Prague and Amsterdam, Yubin went to Barcelona and Paris, Kenny just left for California, Missy’s spending the week in Canada, Emily and Lauren have jetted off to New York and Kenzie’s spent most of the summer in Texas.

The only problem is, we all go on vacation and just end up taking pictures of all the cool shoes we see.

IMG_0854Oh well, there are worse problems to have.  Like deciding what to have for lunch.  There are endless possibilities, especially when it comes to the mangopalooza happening down the street at Trader Joes, the #13 reason to celebrate summer at Simons.

You could always bypass the healthy route and mosey on over to 16 Handles for some fro-yo, which is #14 on our list, though even we’ll admit that the store is pretty evenly divided in the battle of 16 Handles in Coolidge Corner vs. Chill in Cleveland Circle.

 FullSizeRender (2)On Bastille Day, our dear old friends at the Paris Creperie (with whom, you may remember, we partnered for National Chocolate Chip Day) are offering half-off their Storming the Basil and Revolution crepes.  That, plus the Marie Antoinette photo-op make Bastille Day at the Creperie our #15 reason to celebrate summer.

IMG_0869Wherever you decide, having the option to enjoy the outdoors at one of the many cafe tables located outside our store and around Coolidge Corner (an awesome initiative started by the Coolidge Corner Business Association to get people to spend more time in town) is our reason # 16 to celebrate summer at Simons.


One thing that we never get tired of celebrating at Simons is LOVE.  Summer is a time for weddings and unfortunately for some, it can also be a time for uncomfortable shoes. But here at Simons we’re celebrating #17 which is comfortable wedding shoes.

The Summer’s Perfect Sole Mates, clockwise from top left: Pravana Claire from Clarks $110, Polite by Naot $165, 28302 from Tamaris $99.95, and Lenny by Kork Ease $165

Our #18 reason to celebrate summer at Simons is one that makes just about everyone happy. It’s the Summer Sale!  Getting ready for the sale is an exciting and exhausting time for us at Simon’s Shoes. We’re all working non-stop to get the store, along with over 1,000 pairs of shoes, ready for public consumption. The store shuts down for a day, the boss buys us all lunch, and we work like Santa’s Elves to get everything ready.  FYI: Mark your calendars, folks. This years sale is scheduled to start August 11th. 

Our #19 reason to enjoy summer at Simons Shoes, ironically, has to do with Fall.  Summer is when we get to preview and start receiving our shipments of Fall and Winter shoes. We start getting in new styles as early as July and August. This time is a great way to take stock of your wardrobe and start budgeting for your Fall/winter shoe purchases (I’m looking at you, Beautifeel loafers).

Enjoy these sneak peaks of things to come.  It’s going to be a STUNNING collection.

Of course we still have 75 days of summer left which means 75 more days to enjoy everything we just mentioned and more! We want to know how you celebrate summer.  That’s why the #20 reason to celebrate summer at Simons is the following Instagram contest:


Tell us how you celebrate summer with your Simon’s Shoes. Post a photo on Instagram of you celebrating summer using the #simonsshoes. We’ll pick a favorite by July 25th and the winner will receive a free pair of Nuria espedrilles from Toni Pons!


Contest ends Saturday July 25th so start snapping and tagging!


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