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566 Women's Thermal Boot

All Blundstone sizing chart
All Blundstone boots are unisex with the exception of the Women’s High-Top Boots and Women’s Heel Boots.

Women's 5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 2
Womens's 6 :  Blundstone (AU/UK) 3
Women's 6.5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 3.5
Womens's 7 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 4
Women's 7.5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 4.5
Womens's 8 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 5
Women's 8.5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 5.5
Womens's 9 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 6
Women's 9.5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 6.5
Womens's 10 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 7
Women's 10.5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 7.5
Womens's 11 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 8

Men's 7 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 6
Mens's 7.5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 6.5
Men's 8 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 7
Mens's 8.5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 7.5
Men's 9 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 8
Mens's 9.5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 8.5
Men's 10 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 9
Mens's 10.5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 9.5
Men's 11 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 10
Mens's 11.5 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 10.5
Men's 12 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 11
Men's 13 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 12
Men's 14 : Blundstone (AU/UK) 13

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Blundstone's 566 thermal boots are the classic Blundstone look that we all love with all the specs of a winter boot. The leather upper is durable and will wear beautifully throughout the seasons. The side gusset means you can slip your boots on and off with ease - no more struggling with laces when you come in from the snow! Pair with your coziest fleece leggings and warmest sweaters to complete your winter looks.

  • Side goring provides a snug fit
  • 2 mm thick leather upper
  • Moisture wicking Full-length Cambrelle comfort footbed
  • Shock Protection System disperses shock at the heel strike and reduces skeletal stress on the feet, knees, and vertebrae
  • Sturdy front and back pull-on tabs
  • Twin-needle reinforced stitching
  • Dual-density polyurethane outsoles are weatherproof, lightweight, durable, and provide superior traction


Blundstone's are rugged, with their own natural beauty and distinctive look and feel. Built tougher than they need to be, they reflect the place they’re from. There is no place on Earth like Tasmania and no boots on Earth like the ones that were born there. Blundstone's have the kind of iconic, rugged good looks that feel right at home wherever home is. And the way they look is matched only by how comfortable they feel. So whether you’re navigating the rugged terrain of Tasmania or the rainy sidewalks of New York City, you’ll look and feel great in a pair of Blundstones.